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          Pam Ellis The Berkshire Medium

Spirit Medium connecting to those  who have crossed  over


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Private or group readings by appointment only.



    Reiki Practitioner

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Jean O.:  She is nothing short of miracle.  She told me things about  my brother that only he would know.


Hollie G.:  I have done several readings with Pam and each one has not only been amazing,  but has provided me with comfort.  She's amazing!


Wendy V.:  You have brought peace and healing to my heart.  I couldn't believe that you connected to my beloved pets that had passed.  Thank you for all the messages from my loved ones!

Christine R:  All I have to say is WOW!

Denise Marie:  It was truly an amazing experience.

34 Depot St.   Pittsfield, MA 01201

        The Berkshire Medium

    Pam Ellis

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The ancient art of healing through touch.

Pam is a Certified Reiki Master who can balance your body's energy to promote self healing.

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1 Hour Private Spiritual Reading  - Click Here

      Pam has helped hundreds of people connect with loved ones whom have passed. She has performed readings for people across the country and around the world. Readings are available in person if you are in Berkshire County and available online if you do not live in the area. She embraced her gift as an adult, and has been sharing her talent ever since. 

     Experience the comfort of being able to communicate with those whom have crossed over. You will find my readings a truly amazing experience.

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